Specialized Wire and Cable Design & Manufacture

Q-S TECH in Meriden, Connecticut, is a recognized leading designer of customized cable and wire for business and commercial use. We take the time to understand the needs and objectives of your project.


Q-S TECH can extrude with high performance fluoropolymer insulations of .003-.004" in thicknesses, while being able to jacket cables in excess of 1.25" in overall diameter.


Cable Printing

We have state-of-the-art inkjet printing capabilities.


Shielding & Braid

Shields can be made of conventional braids, spiral wire, or aluminum foils and are an important part of any cable construction. Q-S TECH specializes in bare copper, tinned plated copper and silver plated copper braids. However, we can design other high performance materials to meet your specific needs. Taped, served and wrapped shields are available in as stand-alone shielding system or they can be combined with braids.


Composite Cables

Q-S TECH prides itself on the ability to provide composite cables to meet your unique designs. Since 1984 we have been manufacturing cables with a multitude of components, from Kevlar strands to fiber optics, including coaxial cables! If you have cables that you want to put into one bundle, we'll add your components too!


Bar Codes & Shipping Labels

Custom shipping labels to meet  your cable reels specifications.


Test reports and certificates of compliance are available as an additional offering. Complete files are maintained for customer convenience and samples are retained on file for up to five years after manufacturing.

Agency Recognitions

Q-S TECH can produce product to recognized agency specifications/requirements:

UL certification for custom wire and cable      CSA certified custome wire and cable      




Contact us for your Wire and Cable requirements.